Monfils Convicts: Walk for Truth gathering

Monfils Convicts: Walk for Truth gathering

A group of people who believe those convicted in a high-profile Green Bay murder case are innocent, walked to raise awareness.

GREEN BAY, Wis (WFRV) Supporters of five men sentenced to prison 18 years ago for the murder of a Green Bay paper mill worker, say justice has not been served.

Monday they held a rally in downtown Green Bay - in what they call a "Walk for Truth." Six men were convicted of the murder of Tom Monfils in 1995. One suspect, Mike Piaskowski, was later released after his conviction was overturned. Monday's rally was for the rest, still serving time behind bars.

Outside the Brown County Courthouse, where 18 years ago - six men were convicted for killing co-worker Tom Monfils, 

supporters of those still in prison gather as a group to ask for justice.

"We are gather here today to commemorate the wrongful convictions of six innocent men," said Denis Gullickson, co-author of "The Monfils Conspiracy."

One of those in attendance, Brenda Kutska, the daughter-in-law of Keith Kutska.

"I'm glad people realize there was an injustice," said Brenda Kutska.

Prosecutors say Keith Kutska convinced those eventually convicted, to help murder Tom Monfils, for turning Kutska in for stealing an electrical cord from the paper mill where all were employed in Green Bay.

"The six men never did it, so Tom never got justice and his family never got justice,"said Brenda Kutska.

In 2001, Mike Piaskowski's conviction was overturned in federal court and he was released. The case lead to a book, whose authors say, clearly showed the lack of evidence and the need for further legal review.

"There is no evidence, never was, never will be," said event organizer, Joan Treppa.

Brenda Kutska says that book convinced Innocence Projects in Wisconsin and Minnesota, as well as a Minneapolis law firm - to push for new trials.

"They are willing to do it pro bono and help our families," said Kutska. "Not just ours and it's very exciting and hopeful."

But until the rest are released, these supports will march and tell all who'll listen - what they believe needs to happen.

"What do we want - truth and justice - when do we want it - now," chanted the crowd of 40 people. 

Members of the Brown County prosecution team that worked the case declined on-camera comments today.  However  Deputy DA Larry Lasee did tell Local 5 , he remains confident in the jury's decision.

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - A group of people will gather in Green Bay tonight to bring attention to a high-profile murder case.

In 1992, Tom Monfils was found in a paper pulp vat at the James River Paper Mill.

Then in 1995, six men were convicted and sentenced to life in prison, with one of them since released.

Keith Kutska, Michael Hirn, Reynold Moore, Dale Basten, and Michael Johnson remain behind bars. Mike Piaskowski's conviction was overturned in 2001.

John Gaie, organizer of the "Walk for Truth and Justice," joined us live at 4:00 from outside the Brown County Courthouse with more details.

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