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Possibility rises of Navy buying fewer littoral combat ships

The U.S. Navy may not buy as many littoral combat ships as previously planned.
(WFRV) - The U.S. Navy may not buy as many littoral combat ships as previously planned.

According to Bloomberg, the Pentagon gave the Navy preliminary instructions to buy only 32 ships, rather than 52. These instructions could be modified, or overturned, before the final budget proposal for the 2015 fiscal year.

It's not yet known how this decision could effect Marinette Marine, which builds littoral ships.

Keith Little, senior manager of public relations with Lockheed Martin MST, released a statement on the instructions, saying "We are confidant in our team's progress on the LCS program. We expect the Navy, like all branches of the military, to continually assess its needs. While the Navy considers its plans for LCS, we will continue to perform on our current contracts, drive cost out of the program through greater efficiencies in the production process, and remain committed to supporting potential future requirements."

Congressman Reid Ribble also shared his thoughts on the announcement, saying in a released statement, "I have been a vigorous advocate of the LCS and will continue all possible efforts to preserve this program which is vital to our national security. The Navy continues to want this vessel and it will be needed going forward if the Navy is to meet its fleet size goats for the coming decades. The taxpayers and our national security are well served by having a vessel deployed that is both cost-effective and militarily-effective... and that's what Marinette Marined is producing with the LCS."
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