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Winter Weather Pounds Northeast Wisconsin

Winter storm leads to hazardous travel
Throughout the Fox Valley, residents began shoveling out this morning.

        "Cleaning this up and getting ready for the second go round," says Bruce Oudenhoven.

        "I'm trying to get ahead of the snow because there's four inches now and they were saying more is coming this afternoon," says Susan Steeno. "Plus the wind is supposed to pick up."

And it did - blowing fresh snow sideways across state highways. State Troopers responded to 17 accidents in the morning, and more in the afternoon.

        "Mother nature changes it's rules all the time on us," says Sergeant Mark Abrahamson with Wis. State Patrol. "If we see some very large amounts of snowfall in a short period of time, you can expect that the best that the highway department did with salting and scraping might not be enough. And we go right back to some very treacherous driving conditions."

Abrahamson says it wasn't just the snow, but the wind, that caused problems for drivers.

        "We have some fresh snow here and depending on the moisture content, if it's a little bit dry it may start blowing and drifting and again it's that surprise, that the road appears to be very well traveled and safe, and within seconds you may be traveling over ice that got snow lifted over," he said.

Drivers say it was a mess even before the second wave hit.

        "Slippery, slick. They're sliding around corners," says Oudenhoven. "The plows are out, but you still gotta take your time."

But that it's all a part of living in Wisconsin.

        "You're in Wisconsin, so you gotta kinda go with the flow and like all the seasons," says Steeno. "That's why we live here, is because of all the seasons."
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