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Stolen Camera has Family Asking for Help

A Kaukauna family is asking for help after a camera containing photos of their 1-year-old was stolen.
Britney and Tony Stobbe had just left the Fox River Mall when they realized they had left their camera next to the car.

        "We turned around immediately and we arrived back at the parking lot probably not even ten minutes later," says Britney.

But by that time, the camera bag was gone. They approached store clerks, mall security, even other cars parked nearby. Nobody had it.

        "I think somebody picked it up."

Inside the camera - Memories of their daughter Paisley's first year of life.

        "We have her first birthday, not only photos," says Stobbe. "I have videos of her crawling, and rolling over. Eating for the first time."

The couple had not imported any of the photos onto their computer, so they're left with just a handful of pictures on the wall. Stobbe says she has very few photos of Paisley on her phone, so she's afraid these memories might be lost forever. 

        "I'm heartbroken," says Stobbe. "I'm devastated that these are memories that we might not ever get back."

At this point, she says they don't even care about the camera.

        "Really if someone wants the camera that bad that they can't return it, keep it! Just send me the card that's really all I want."

She hopes whoever took the camera - has the decency to at-least return her memories. 

If you know where the camera might be, the family is asking you to mail the SD card anonoymously to Local 5 News.

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