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Winter Storm Brings Boost to Recreational Business

Not everyone is upset about the heavy snowfall.
Mt. Morris, Wi. -

For many, Wednesday brought more shoveling, as residents cleared off driveways and sidewalks.  But for those at the Nordic Mountain Ski Resort, it was a chance to reap the rewards of Tuesdays storm.

        "I feel like a little kid on Christmas," says Tanner Tanck. "It's been the only powder we've had in a couple of weeks

His friend Matthew Balsavich agreed.

        "I was so excited that I decided to take a double black diamond right away, and biffed it pretty bad. But hey, it was awesome," he said.

The storm left Nordic Mountain with its largest base ever - totaling over 3 feet - and that's good for business.

        "As good as a job as we do making snow and grooming it, nobody can compete with mother nature for the product you get out there," said Owner Rick Smitz.

And on flat terrain, the storm was just as helpful.

        "It's the same thing for snowmobiling, the more snow the better," said Powersports 1 Owner Rod Van Esperen. "For us as a dealership this is just an extra bonus for us."

As customers like David Gaskil brought in sleds for a quick tune up.

        "Hopefully we don't have any more thaws," said Gaskil. "And we can just add to the base and have a good year."

Nordic Mountain expects to see 50% more skiers this coming weekend than last - all thanks to mother nature.

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