Police identify suspect in Green Bay murder

Police identify suspect in Green Bay murder

There has been a break in Green Bay murder case. Police say the man responsible is behind bars.
GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - There has been a break in Green Bay murder case. Police say the man responsible is behind bars.

It is welcome news to a community who got little information on this case for months.

"We realize there was more information the public wanted on this case. We appreciate their understanding the importance of keeping some of these details confidential so we could solve this case and arrest the person responsible" says Police Capt. Todd Thomas.

Since May of this year, family and friends have been wondering who murdered Dan Kuehl.

He was strangled in his Ashland Avenue apartment.

"It appeared that the front door of the house had been forced open to gain access to the apartment" Capt. Thomas explains.

Money and guns were missing from the home. Police used serial numbers to track them down.

"Through the investigation we were able to identify a person who was in possession of one of Dan's stolen handguns" Capt. Thomas says.

That trail led police to Jeffrey Wickman. He lived with the victim in 2004, after getting out of jail.

"Dan said he felt compassion for Wickman and offered to let him stay in one of his apartments, in exchange for Wickman doing some repair work for him around the house" says Capt. Thomas.

However, Kuehl's apartment was robbed. He believed a gun was stolen by Wickman.

"Unfortunately it looks like mister Wickman took advantage of him back in 2004. Unfortunately I think he carried that information with him. He knew that mister Kuehl would be a source that he would use to find money or guns or other things to support his habit" says Brown County District Attorney David Lasee.

A drug habit, of crack cocaine. Just part of a lengthy criminal history that has kept  Wickman in jail for the better part of a decade.

Police say this crime could put him behind bars for life.

According to Capt. Thomas "The successful conclusion to any case isn't the arrest of the suspect, it is the conviction of the person responsible"  

Wickman's DNA was found inside the crime scene.

He is currently locked up in Dodge County for violating his probation.

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