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Portions of Winterfest on Broadway canceled because of cold

The bitter cold weekend temperatures have forced portions of a Green Bay tradition to be canceled.
GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - The bitter cold weekend temperatures have forced portions of a Green Bay tradition to be canceled.

Organizers of Winterfest on Broadway made the changes to keep visitors and volunteers safe.

"i would not mind if it was a few degrees warmer" says Paul Salmon Owner of Krystal Kleer Ice Sculptures

You know Wisconsin winter is getting to people , when an ice carver says it's too cold.

But, despite chilly weather in the forecast, 10 ice carvers will line Broadway for a competition.

It is one of the only Winterfest events still going on.

"We are just going to centralize the activity a little bit, focus it around the indoors and still enjoy this wonderful weather but take it a little bit smaller pieces" days :Christopher Naumann, the Executive Director of On Broadway, Inc.

The centerpiece ice throne is tricky to build in this weather.

"When we try to join our blocks together it has to be done rather quickly because the water does freeze almost instantly when it hits the ice" explains Salmon.

The north pole fun zone scheduled for green bay's Leicht Park has been scrapped.

Horse drawn wagon rides and dog pull have also been cancelled.

"Friday morning we were pretty optimistic" Naumann says. "The wind is the problem. The temperature is not as big of an issue but the wind gets pretty bad".  

The event started eleven years ago when downtown businesses noticed a lull after the holiday shopping rush.

"We have our regulars but a lot of people have never been to our restaurant. Even if it is to warm up and grab a cup of hot coffee" says Patti Phillips, Co-owner of The Urban Frog.

Businesses say despite the cold, there is still plenty going on indoors.

"For this Winterfest we decided to do a soup buffet. It is very seasonal gives you a chance to warm up. We're going to run four soups all day" she explains.

While this is not one of On Broadway Incorporated's biggest fundraisers, the exposure for businesses is priceless.

"This event typically breaks even for us" Naumann explains. "That is fine because it is a gift back to the community. That is why we do not want to cut it out completely. We still want to have something for people to do".   

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