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Postal Service unveils commemorative General Patton stamp

Proceeds will benefit the Brian Laviolette scholarship foundation
GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - Monday, the U.S. Postal Service commemorated Veterans Day by honoring one of the most famous U.S. generals in history.

The Postal Service unveiled a special commemorative envelope and stamp to honor General George S. Patton at Shopko Hall in Green Bay.

General Patton's grandson, George "Patton" Waters was on hand for the ceremony.

"The thing that I want people to remember about General Patton is his respect for the mothers that sent the children over, and the wives who sent their husbands over to fight in that war," he says. "Everybody went.  Just think of the sacrifices the parents made.  That's where we are now, the veterans are diminishing but you still have the wives, the mothers."

The stamp itself was designed by the artist Nicolosi.

Proceeds will benefit the Brian Laviolette scholarship foundation.

If you would like the envelope and stamp, you can buy the envelope online, then send it into the post office for the stamp.

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