President Obama's approval rating at all time low

President Obama's approval rating at all time low

Political experts weigh in on what's causing the dip in approval
GREEN BAY, Wis. WFRV)--It’s been one month since enrollment began for the Affordable Care Act and still people are having problems signing up.

The countless problems have taken a hit on President Obama’s approval rating.

Recent polls show only 42-percent of people approving of his performance.

From a failing website, to a government shutdown, NSA leaks and chemical weapons in Syria.

“It’s just been kind of one thing after another that the President has had to deal with,” said UWGB Political Science Professor David Helpap.

The continual problems plaguing are taking more than just a hit on people’s patience—it’s taking a toll on President Obama’s approval rating.

“Since this is such a fundamental change to the way we do healthcare in this country, I think most people did expect a certain level of problems but this has exceeded their expectations,” said Helpap.

Recent polls show President Obama with a 42-percent approval rating--That’s the lowest it’s been since he took office.

“It’s a defining challenge for the president,” Helpap said.

As the issue sparks heated debate in Washington, it’s giving Professor Helpap material for strong debates in his classroom.

“Students that were in support of it initially are more willing to give it a chance whereas students that were fairly critical are pretty quick to jump on the implementation,” he told Local 5.

UWGB Student Body President and political science major, Heba Mohammad, said her classmates are very divided on the issue.

“If you don’t like [President] Obama at all you’re not going to sit and listen to him try and explain his faux pas and what’s happening.  On the other hand, if you do support Obama, I think you do put that effort forward to listen to him,” she said.

Heba says she didn’t vote for President Obama but tell Local 5 News he’s doing the best he can but says more needs to be done to explain why these website is failing.

“It’s also hard to put it all into a 15 minute speech and try and get people to understand.  There’s a lot more steps that need to be taken,” she said.

Whether the Affordable Care act is a success or not—one thing is certain: “Time will tell as far as the impact this has on President Obama’s legacy,” said Helpap.

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