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Two communities helping those in need of propane

Two communities in Marinette County are helping those who need propane the most.

MARINETTE COUNTY (WFRV) - More than 250,000 people in Wisconsin rely on propane to heat their homes. For many, it could become a dangerous problem.

Across the country a lot of suppliers are only delivering 100 gallons to customers if they are lucky. In Silver Cliff and Athelstane residents are running out of propane and can't get more.

Town officials are trying to find more propane for residents but are having no luck. Because of that, they have opened the fire station as a 24 hour warming shelter.

Some cots are being made available and they are asking that people bring their own pillows and sheets. Neighboring athelstane is doing the same thing and the two communities are working together helping those in needed.

If you are in need of assitance in Silver Cliff, you can contact Ann Wenden at 715-757-2575. In Athelstane Harol Tesch at 715-759-5159 or 715-927-8221.

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