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Rain, hot weather good for local fruit growers

Apple orchards are gearing up for bountiful harvest after rough 2012.
CASCO, Wis. (WFRV) -Today's rains offered much needed relief to local crops. Orchards need this moisture to increase the size of their fruit because apples are almost ripe for the picking. The full trees are a welcome sight. Last year's apple harvest was the smallest since 1945. production was hurt when trees blossomed early in a warm spring, only to be hit by a late frost. The drought that followed didn't help. Rain is also very important for new apple trees to put down strong roots. Hillside Apples in Casco planted 900 new trees this year. The earliest varieties of apples will be ready for picking this week, however you will find the largest selection in October. Across Kewaunee County It will be about two weeks before the grape harvest can start at Parallel 44 Winery and Vineyard. The cool wet spring delayed the fruits ripening. However this hot spell has helped the vines mature quickly. Unlike apples, for vineyards the amount of rain needed is a fine line. Too much rain can actually dilute the grapes flavor. Parallel 44 is hosting a harvest festival on September 7th. They also need volunteers through October to help pick grapes. To find out more click here.
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