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Restoring the public's faith in politics

Political experts say now is the time for lawmakers to try and regain the public's trust.
GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - The sixteen day government shutdown has caused a major drop in the public's faith in its politicians. The approval rating for congress is near an all time low.

Political experts say now is the time for lawmakers to try and regain the public's trust, and compromise is key.

UW-Green Bay political science professor Michael Kraft said the public's frustrations with government have been mounting in recent months. He said and the next steps in Washington D.C. need to include congress putting the people's needs first and putting party differences aside.

"Fundamentally, I think congress needs to demonstrate to the American public that its capable of doing its job," said Kraft. "That it will listen to the public. That the two parties will listen to one another. They will move away from thinking that compromise is a dirty word, to actual work together to solve the nation's problems."

Voters told Local 5 they want to see a change.

"I think our parties need to understand there's always going to be differences," explained Olivia Schmidt. "but I think they need to work together and come up with something that's best for the people and not necessarily their opinion."

"I think the majority of people today would gain their trust back if they can see compromise and working together," said Megan Jones. "instead of, 'we're not going to help you unless you do this for us.'"  

Kraft said no matter how frustrated you get with lawmakers, don't back out of the political process. Congress is voted in by the people and it's important to let your voice be heard on election day.

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