Senator Johnson Responds to 'Attack Ads'

Senator Johnson Responds to 'Attack Ads'

Senator Ron Johnson responded Tuesday to two recent television ads focused on his policies regarding climate change.

By now you've seen the ads, questioning U.S Senator Ron Johnson's policies on global warming and climate change. Tuesday afternoon, he responded.

        "They're calling me a global warming denier, I believe that's what they're saying."

So we asked him if he indeed is a denier of global warming.

        "I do not believe global warming's a settled science. Science is a consensus, science is actually truth," he responded.

The ads were released by the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters. They say the message of the ads is clear...Stop backing policies that reduce environmental regulations.

        "Basically, we're asking him to take action on climate change, and stop being a climate change denier," said Spokesperson Stauch Gruszynski.

But Johnson says he's still not convinced, and he's against any policy that could hurt the American worker.

        "My point is that before we enact policies based on these models - there's no way of seeing whether these things are going to be true or accurate - we need to understand the harm these policies are going to cause to just working individuals.

Johnson says his policy decisions are based purely on the American economy.

        "Listen, I view myself as a strong environmentalist, I want to protect the environment. I want a pristine environment. I love to fish, I love the outdoors,  I get my water out of a well. Listen, I'm all about protecting the environment.. but you need a strong healthy economy in order to afford that."

Senator Johnson says the ads are somewhat surprising considering he's not up for re-election until 2016. The league for conservation voters says the ads were not so much about swaying votes, but about convincing Johnson his policies need to change.

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