Special Olympics Bowling

Special Olympics Bowling

Special Olympics Bowling competition

Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin (WFRV)  The stakes were high and the competition was fierce at Ashwaubenon Bowling alley Sunday afternoon.

Hundreds of athletes showed up for Northeast Wisconsin Special Olympics Sectional Tournament.

Today's competitors already won at the regional round.  The competition gives athletes the chance to
socialize and hone their athletic skills.

Athlete Lynn Plagenz is excited she qualified.

"Oh, I have a blast because I'm glad I made it this far but last year I didn't make it last year," Said Lynn Plagenz, Athlete.

Carla Lieb, Special Olympics Regional Director says the athletes trained for months to get to this tournament.

"It means a lot to athletes.  They are also very accepting knowing that this is the second level, so whatever ribbon they get they are very happy with," explained Carla Lieb.

Today's winners go on to compete in state competition.


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