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State of the State Address

Governor Walker called for tax cuts in the wake of a proposed budget surplus
MADISON, Wis. (WFRV) - Erupted cheers from the Republicans as Governor Scott Walker laid out his plans to cut taxes in his

"Now is the time to send your money back to you the hardworking tax payers of Wisconsin," he said.

Wednesday night, Governor Walker proposed cutting property taxes by $406 million, lowering income taxes by $98.6 million, and withholding state income tax by $322.6 million.  That would save the average working family $58 a month and save tax payers $57 totaling $520 a year.

"Meaningful tax cuts that keep more money in your pocket rather than requiring you to send it to Madison, changes to laws and regulations that make sense if you're trying to start a business or find a job," Governor Walker said.

The governor also called for more money to be poured into technical colleges.

"So many employers tell us they would take on more work and create more jobs, if they could only fill the positions they have open today."

Creating more choices for parents through charter schools was also something the Governor would like to see. He said strengthening education helps strengthen the economy.

"The state of our economy of our state is strong and improving every day. The economy is drastically better and our finances are in great shape."

With more than a $911 million surplus the governor called on all lawmakers to help him give most of that money back to the hard working Wisconsinites that earned it.

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