The Body Shop in downtown Green Bay is demolished

The Body Shop in downtown Green Bay is demolished

An adult strip club in downtown Green Bay... is no more.
 Green Bay, Wis.(WFRV)- A Green Bay strip club, has seen its final day. Thursday morning, wrecking crews demolished the building that was called The Body Shop.

After 50 years of operating on Monroe avenue in downtown Green Bay, The Body Shop was purchased by the city and closed down. Now, plans include to simply make it a parking lot, unless a developer steps forward in the future. Many people have voiced their opinions about the project, including Green Bay Mayor, Jim Schmitt.

"Most people were not proud of this. This is close to a neighborhood, you got Associated Bank across the street, and the employees, especially the female employees, were not as comfortable walking past this place as they would be something that was a little more Green Bay," Schmitt said, "It's just not who we are and what we want to be, especially in the downtown."

Schmitt also said city officials are excited about the property value going up, now that the adult club is gone.

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