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Ticket prices impacted by Rodgers' injury

In the wake of Aaron Rodgers' injury ticket prices have fallen for upcoming games.
GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - In the wake of Aaron Rodgers' injury ticket prices have fallen for upcoming games.

How much, depends on what city you are in.

According to local ticket broker Ticket King, prices are down around 15 percent for this Sunday's game.

However, the home game against the Eagles is a gold, or Milwaukee, ticket package.            

When we talked with Connections Ticket Service in Milwaukee they say the average ticket has dropped by 40 percent.

Both places have been flooded with phone calls of fans looking to unload their tickets. They say it is a buyer's market.

"Definitely there are the fair-weather fans. If their team is losing they jump off ship or if their star quarterback gets hurt they think it is the end of the world. But they still have games to play, and other players on the team" says Travis Loftus, a Ticket Broker with Ticket King.

The tourism industry itself is taking a wait and see approach. So far they are not feeling an impact.

"Most of our hotels are still pretty full" says Brad Toll with the Greater Green Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau. "Coming into the cold weather games sometimes they lighten up a bit, not as popular as September or October, but November looks pretty well from a hotel standpoint".

Lambeau Field is always technically considered a sell out, but it is the resale market that is feeling an impact right now.      

Ticket brokers say this is not unusual.

Prices took a dive last season after the upsetting loss to Seattle.

They expect the slide to stop later this week when some of the shock has worn off.

The anticipated return of Clay Matthews could also help boost last minute sales. 

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