Unique Wisconsin: Lincoln Logs Record

Unique Wisconsin: Lincoln Logs Record

Unique Wisconsin: Trying to break Lincoln Logs Record of largest structure.
Kimberly (WFRV)  One local man is using his favorite childhood toy, Lincoln Logs, to go after his dream of landing a spot in the Guinness World Records book.

At age 55, David Stumpf wants to take his love for Lincoln Logs and turn it into a world record.  He wants to build the largest Lincoln Logs structure. 

His dream started in 2001. "When Vern broke the record in New York, I said 'Judy, I think I could break that record,"  said David.

So David went to work to break Vern Larkin's record of for the largest Lincoln Logs structure, which was set at 10-thousand logs. 

"I kept on adding and adding, and, of course, picking up  more Lincoln Logs.  It kept growing.  Then I forgot all about the record and I was just having fun."

And David never contacted Guinness.  But then in April, residents of Lincoln, Nebraska broke the old record by building the tallest and largest Lincoln Logs structure using 10,036 pieces. 

Piquing David's interest once again.  "I said Judy, that's it I'm going to break the record," explained David.

So last Monday, David hauled out his Lincoln Logs and started building a medieval castle. 

His Wife thought he was crazy.  "I thought he was nuts," said Judy Stumpf.

Crazy or not, David was able to recruit his Judy to play Lincoln Logs with him. 

"One, he needed my help.  And two, it was fun," said Judy.

And together they have spent 25 hours, so far, building their castle. 

"I like it. More guys should work with their wives," said David.

Log after log, its tedious work, but David says it's therapeutic. "Like stress relief, you know," explained David. 

David has invested more than $4,000 in Lincoln Logs, but says it's worth it.

"Oh yeah, I mean if I went to see a therapist, what would that cost me?," joked David.

David says a lot of thought goes into the design, "It's not like you throw it on there as fast as you can.  It's gotta be free standing." 

David always wanted to be in the Guinness World Records book.

This his second attempt,  in 2002 David says he created the world's largest word search puzzle.  But Guinness didn't accept it as a category. 

"They didn't see it worthy enough.  But stuffing 50 hot dogs in your mouth is," said David.

David says he plans to break the record by more than 2-thousand logs and finish up next week.  He only  wants to break the largest Lincoln Logs structure, not the tallest. 

He still has to get it authenticated by Guinness. Judy has applied online.

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