Uniquely WI: Chainsaw Sculptor

Uniquely WI: Chainsaw Sculptor

Uniquely WI: Local sculptor who creates masterpieces with a chainsaw.
 Abrams (WFRV)  Jamie Doeren is a world renowned master sculptor.  He's won several world championships.  Jamie creates many of his masterpieces at his gallery in Abrams, WI.

Jamie is a master at bringing wood to life. "I love carving. I love sculpture," explains Jamie Doeren. 

And Jamie's sculpting tool of choice, the chainsaw.  "I think I got 15 saws in my trailer right now.  I can do most carvings with 3 of them," says Jamie.

Jamie can create nearly anything with a chainsaw and a piece of wood. 

"Just imagination is endless.  Anything you can think of I can pretty much do," says Jamie.

The Abram's man  began chainsaw carving, accidentally, at the age of 18. 

"I went to work for a coop fixing chaisaws.  I got tired of cutting ends off of logs, so I started carving them into things.  And eventually people were like, how much for the carving, instead of how much for the chainsaw," explains Jamie.

That was 26 years ago, and Jamie has worked to perfect his craft ever since. 

"I just want to keep getting better, constantly getting better.  And keep pushing myself to get better," said Jamie.

Jamie is known around the world for his chainsaw art and bear sculptures. Bears are what people buy the most. 

"Bears, Why?  I don't know, I hate bears.  It's kind of like the guy who painted landscapes.  He painted landscapes because that's what sold,"  joked Jamie.

He has even written two books on carving bears.  He's carved thousands of Wisconsin's biggest predator. 

"Backpack bears, wheelchair bears, basketball bears, doctor, lawyer bears," said Jamie.

Jamie  does a lot of commission work involving very large pieces.  Including part of the set for the USA network show Summer Camp. 

"I did the totems and the whole entrance for Summer Camp.  I did all their paddles and I did all their puzzles,"  explained Jamie.

What he loves most is when he can just create.  "I actually find places I can just go and just carve and not be bothered," said Jamie. 

To Jamie, his chainsaw is just a tool. He is a sculptor who works in many mediums.

"I work in wood, stone, metal, ice, snow, clay, bronze.  I've done some aluminum. Pretty much anything," explains Jamie. 

All are original designs created by the hands of a master.

"I want to wow myself.  I want to come out in the morning and look at a piece I carved the day before and go 'wow, I really like that," explains Jamie.  "If people appreciate my work.  it's a huge pat on the back to me." 

Jamie has galleries in Germany, California and here in Northeast Wisconsin.  Sculptures by Doeren is located at 3013 Cedar Lane, Abrams, WI.  That is about 20 minutes north of Green Bay down Highway 41. 

Here is a link to his website:  http://www.jamiedoeren.com/ 

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