Uniquely Wisconsin: America's best Restroom?

Uniquely Wisconsin: America's best Restroom?

Uniquely Wisconsin: America's best Restroom? john Michael kohler arts center

Sheboygan (WFRV)  When you go to the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan you will see some world class works of art.  Not just on the walls but in some surprising locations.  That's because even the restrooms there are a work of art.

In fact, they are so unique that together they are one of the ten finalists for Cintas' America's Best Restroom contest.

This is a common reaction to many of the artworks at the center.

"This is just beautiful. I love looking at everything in there.  It's unique, it's fun," exclaims Jan Plymale, Milwaukee.

When you walk into any of the six bathrooms at the center you are actually walking into a functional art display.

"The bathroom is a work of art.  It's like walking into a sculpture or walking into an installation," said Susan Barnett, JohnMichael Kohler Arts Center.

Each bathroom is commissioned and designed by an artist and created at the Kohler company. 

So when you flush a toilette, you're flushing a work of art.

The bathrooms are the center's only permanent installation and they are an attraction on their own.

The bathrooms are a part of the Arts Industry Program, which is a collaboration between the Arts Center and the Kohler company.

You can vote online through October 31st. Click here to vote.

The center already won the award once, in 2004.


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