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Uniquely Wisconsin: Interviewing Santa

It is the busiest time of year for Santa Claus.
Grand Chute, Wisconsin (WFRV)  It is the busiest time of year for Santa Claus.
When Santa delivers presents to all the good little boys and girls in the world, they are always sleeping and he doesn't get to visit.  So one of Santa's favorite things to do is spend time in local communities, where kids can sit on his lap and tell him what they want for Christmas.
Local 5 caught up with Santa at the Fox River Mall in Grand Chute.  Santa's Workshop is in the Macy's wing.  Its where Santa can spend some time with children when they aren't tucked in their beds on a cold winter's night.
"When they are here they are awake.  It just makes me feel good and I love to see children smile," said Santa.
Over the centuries countless children have sat on Santa's lap. "I've worn out a few pairs of pants with kids sliding on and off," joked Santa.
Whispering their Christmas wishes, kids young and old take a seat on old Kris Kringle's knee some come well prepared with lists.  Others still haven't decided what they want.
Many love to share secrets with Santa, "What Grandma Does with her teeth.  Maybe daddy ate too many beans the other day," joked Santa.
And all leave with a picture to treasure.
Now if you've been wondering how  Santa make it around the world in one night.
"You got to remember it's not nighttime all the time.  So I've got more than just a few hours.  I just follow as the sun goes down.  But there is magic also," explained Santa.
How does Santa get into a home that doesn't have a chimney?
"There's always a door and it's amazing how mom and dad cooperate with Santa," explained Santa.
Has Santa ever been caught by curious kids.
"Oh, I've been close.  I've been close.  I had one hanging on my boot as I was going up the chimney," said Santa.
And how does Santa know if you've been bad or good?
"Mom and dad cooperate with Santa. And a lot of times they send a message through the elves.  I have elves in every house," said Santa.
If you think you're on the naughty list, there is a way you can get onto the nice list.
"Start listening to the parents.  And that's all the time not just when you want to listen," warned Santa.
You still have time to tell Santa what you want for Christmas.  He is at the Fox River Mall in the Macy's wing from now through Christmas Eve.  For hours click here.
Of course, Santa visits other malls in the area as well.  Don't worry, he leaves in time so he can make it back to the north pole, collect his reindeer, load the sleigh and take off for his trip around the world.
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