UW Oshkosh welcomes freshmen class

UW Oshkosh welcomes freshmen class

The University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh welcomes 2500 incoming students over the holiday weekend.
Oshkosh, Wis. (WFRV)- The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh campus welcomed about 2500 new students this weekend. While some spent their Labor Day weekend on vacation, others like Kortu Josiah made the move to Oshkosh for his freshmen year of college.

He says he chose UW Oshkosh because it was close to home and provided everything he needed for his college experience, including competitive sports and great academics.

This year's freshmen class will be the first to experience the university's new general education program. Its University Studies Program will focus on engaging student interest and participation through three major themes: sustainability, intercultural knowledge and civic engagement.

University spokesman Alex Hummel says that students will benefit from smaller class sizes as well. Hummel says the university hopes to engage students by using themes and issues that they're already interested in.

"Their geography course is not just geography," Hummel says. "It's the geography of coffee. There's a lot more choices for them to find topics that are relevant and part of their everyday life."
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