Veterans salute and activities on game day

Veterans salute and activities on game day

A parachute team helped to honor veterans at halftime at Lambeau field.
Green Bay, Wis.(WFRV)- It was a special day for veterans who were at the Packers game on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The NFL's Salute to Service was done by fans holding up cards that said thank you to veterans for their service to their country. At halftime, the All Veterans Parachute Team landed at the 50 yard line. The ceremony was an all around team effort by veterans looking to show pride for their country's colors.  

The parachuters say, the jump wasn't about them, but about supporting the soldiers.

"We can let that one soldier that's having a bad day know that there's guys and girls that are all about them, that love what they have done that love that we have freedom because of what they have done," said Mike Elliott, a retired veteran who has advanced training in military jumping.  

"That is really the heart of our job, is we jump in... sure... but after that our job is to spread the message and to support the military," said Khalida Hendricks a current member of the U.S. Army Reserves.

Each member of the jump team are either former or current members of the military.  

If fans weren't able to participate in any of the tributes in the stadium bowl, there was plenty to do in the atrium. The American Red Cross set up a booth before the game that gave fans the opportunity to send a personal holiday greeting to soldiers serving both stateside and abroad.

Very few of the soldiers who will get the mail won't be coming home and many of the fans said it was nice to be able to let them know, people back home are thinking about them.


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