Vinehout won't seek Democratic bid for governor

Vinehout won't seek Democratic bid for governor

Kathleen Vinehout announced Friday she won't be seeking the Democratic nomination for Governor.

Green Bay, Wis.(WFRV)- Democratic State Senator Kathleen Vinehout announced this morning she will not be seeking a bid to run on the Democratic ticket in the upcoming governor's race.

Vinehout confirmed her withdrawal Friday morning saying her recovery from a car accident back on December 8th will take priority over the next few months. That means Democratic candidate Mary Burke is once again pushed to the front of the race to take on Governor Scott Walker in November.

The Democrat Party of Wisconsin released this statement in part regarding Vinehout's announcement:

"Kathleen will continue to serve the people as an intellectual leader in the state Senate, where her thorough understanding of complex policy positions has helped to not only guide progressive legislation, but to call attention to Scott Walker’s dishonest budgets and culture of corruption. Without question, Wisconsin is a better place with Kathleen Vinehout in public service, and we look forward to hearing her strong progressive voice around the state as she continues her recovery."

In response the Republican party of Wisconsin released this statement:

"Democratic party bosses worked in overdrive to push Kathleen Vinehout out of the race in favor of a Madison millionaire who can't connect with her base. Without a primary, Democrats are left divided with no voice and no choice. Mary Burke is pushing a return to the days of the failed Doyle-Burke Administration that left Wisconsin with massive tax hikes, billion dollar budget deficits, and record job loss."

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