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Walker signs tax relief bill into law

Governor Scott Walker signed his $100 million property tax relief into law Sunday in Burlington.
 Burlington, Wis.(WFRV)- It's official, homeowners will soon be feeling a little bit of tax relief.

Governor Scott Walker signed his $100 million property tax relief bill into law today in Burlington.  

Just 10 days ago, Walker introduced the bill and then fast-tracked it through the state assembly and the senate. The bill also provides a $100 million dollar increase in state school aid that's expected to make property taxes drop.

Depending on the value of your home, the average homeowner will save between $13 and $20 in December and $680 over the next 4 years.

"Because the economy is better, we're creating more jobs in the state and because we've been good stewards of taxpayer's money, today we're able to sign into law $100 million dollars of property tax relief for the hardworking taxpayers of this state." said Walker.

Democrats have been outspoken that the bill is just a political play and have raised issue with the fact that walker announced the bill on the heels of democratic challenger Mary Burke's announcement to run for Governor in 2014.

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