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Wisconsin's Department of Transportation pushes for U.S. 41 conversion

Wisconsin's Department of Transportation holds a public hearing to discuss the conversion of U.S. 41 from a highway to an interstate.
Appleton, Wis. (WFRV) - Wisconsin's Department of Transportation held a public hearing today to discuss the conversion of U.S. 41 from a highway to an interstate.

The project will cost between 8 to 12 millions dollars. The Federal Highway Administration will cover 80 percent of that cost, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

"Really U.S. 41 looks and acts like an interstate as it is now," said Tammy Rabe of the Wisconsin Department of Transportaion. "You're able to drive 65 miles an hour and you have the interchanges along the corridor."

Rabe said that the conversion will just allow businesses to advertise themselves as being located along an interstate.

"The advantage of it changing to an interstate is to allow economic growth along the corridor," Rabe said.

The project is pending federal grandfathering legislation, which would allow trucks that already possess a permit to haul loads up to 96,000 pounds to be waived from the interstate limit of 80,000 pounds.

Two other public hearings are scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 11 at UW-Fond du Lac and Thursday, Sept. 12 at Milwaukee Area Technical College's Oak Creek Campus.
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