Bulaga Finally Healthy & Feels Comfortable after Two Season-Ending Injuries

Bulaga Finally Healthy & Feels Comfortable after Two Season-Ending Injuries

Bulaga's rehabbed to get back on the field after a hip injury ended his 2012 season prematurely, only to suffer another season-ending injury in 2013.

Bryan Bulaga, the Packers 2010 first round pick, has missed the team's last 26 games, due to a season-ending hip injury in 2012 and then a torn acl a year ago during family night.

“The way my body feels, the way the knee feels, way everything feels is a lot better than I expected, obviously with never having this type of injury you don't really know what to expect going into it so the way it feels I'm def happy about it,” said Bulaga.

Bulaga started his first three seasons at right tackle, but was moved to left tackle heading into the 2013 season -- that's where he suffered the acl injury. Rookie David Bakhtiari stepped in to cover Aaron Rodgers blindside --- and was so productive, he'll continue to start there.

“Get hurt someone jumps in and does a good job, you gotta go back to where they tell you to go back and that's the case now so no disappointment or anything like that, just the way it went and I'm excited to be back where I'm at.”

So Bulaga will start at right tackle again -- which is where he says he feels at home.

“Just the way the offense all the checks, everything that goes along with it so getting back there, it's comfortable for sure yeah.”

Bulaga returned to the field to find Julius Peppers lining up across from him... if he can continue to hold his own against the 8-time pro-bowler, he'll certainly be ready for Sundays this fall.

“You go against a great player like that and he shows you some things that you're not doing properly. Then when you do do well and you're able to block a guy like that that, it just reconfirms in your mind that I can still do the things I need to properly.”

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