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Green Bay Running Clubs Hosts 4th Annual Ultra-Marathon

The Green Bay Running Club attracted all kinds of runners for it's ultra-marathon Saturday
(WFRV-TV) - The Green Bay Running Club held their 4th annual Ultra Marathon on Saturday.

The event attracts runners of all ages, from all over the United States including is Laurence Macon from San Anotnio, TX. In 2013 the 69 year old Macon set the world record for the most marathons completed in a year by a male runner with 139 races. Joining Macon was Henry Reuden from DePere who has completed  940 marathons so far.

An ultra marathon is any race over 26.2 miles. What make this event different is that instead of having a given distance where people see how fast they can complete it, there is a given amount of time and people see how far they can run in that time. There are three times this year, 6 hours, 8 hours, and the Summer Solstice Challenge. The Summer Solstice Challenge runs from sun up to sun down, 15.5 hours. Most runners will complete at least 50K which is 31 miles. Some are aiming for 50 miles and a few are hoping for 75 or more miles. Some runners in the 15.5 hour event are training to complete at 100 miles races.
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