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Green Bay Youth Triathlon

Triathlons aren't just for adults. The Green Bay Youth Triathlon for ages 3-15 is right around the corner on May 31st.

When you think of a triathlon you undoubtedly picture adults putting their bodies to the test with three different grueling exercises. But the truth is, the next generation of ironmen is younger than you'd expect.

"We start at 3 years old and then we go all the way up to 15 years old so its big variant and each age group of about 3-4 years will have a different distance," explains GB Youth Triathlon organizer Brian McWilliams.  

The oldest division of the Green Bay Tri (12-to-15 year-olds) swim 300 yards, bike 8 miles and then run two miles.

"I think its a healthy endeavor. And we're treating them like kids, not adults I don't expect any of these kids to be doing half ironman’s but age appropriate distances are fun, short and so they can work on their speed," says McWilliams.

"My favorite part's the running. In the Iron Kids National championships I averaged a 7.43 minute mile," Cody Sachs tells us.

9-year old Cody Sachs is a rising star in a sport growing in popularity across the country. Cody also plays team sports, including soccer, but seems to get a different type of fulfillment here.

"This is a team based environment but they do it individually so they get lots of support from the team but they're accomplishing it on their own which is kinda nice," says McWilliams. "I think it’s a big sense of accomplishment for those kids."

For kids its all about having fun and building confidence! Youth Triathlons --seem to be a home-run!!

"If you put your mind to it you can do it! I was doing this at age 6 I think... If you put your mind to it, you can always do it," says Sachs.

For more information visit www.greenbaymultisport.com

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