Finley Says He Won't Let his Kids Play Football

Finley Says He Won't Let his Kids Play Football

Packers Tight End Jermichael Finley Speaks for the First Time about his Injury and the Aftermath.


Jermichael Finley talked with Local 5 today, for a taping of Green Bay Nation (airing 6:30 Wednesday night on Local 5.)  It was his first TV appearance since suffering a bruised spinal cord in a game against the Cleveland Browns on October 20th. Finley said after he was injured he was conscious but couldn't move.


"It was pretty scary. I could see everybody else moving, but I couldn't move.... they didn't want to move me, they didn't want my spinal cord to move because they saw that I was froze up and my nervous system had shut down and it was one of those scary moments.  


"I could see the look on the faces. I was scared just seeing everybody else's looks.  When I was getting carted off the field, I asked one of the doctors will I be able to walk or will I be able to feel my upper body again? And they just told me they couldn't tell me right now because they hadn't run any tests I was scared, felt like a kid. I wanted to cry. Well I was crying."


"Also, when I laid on the x-ray table when they were examining me in the ICU, that was the craziest thing ever. All the lights over you, not knowing really what's going on until the tests come out. So it felt like all a dream to tell you the truth."


Finley is very upbeat, aggressively attacking his road to recovery, he's not feeling sorry for himself.


"It's just life, things happen, I choose football and just came across that I got hit wrong. Nearly paralyzed me so it was a blessing in disguise and I want to say thanks for all the love from the Packers fans.


"When I actually got back up and started walking, it wasn't a clear walk I was still stumbling, but it was one of those moments, like you were born again, it was weird."


The Packers placed Finley on the IR on November 6th. How much say-so did he have in that decision?


"Not too much, it's the nature of the business, at  the same time they're protecting my health and my livelihood so its just a part of the game. It's the nature of the beast."


So will Finley play football again someday?


"At the end of the day, I gotta let my body talk to me, and of course I'm going to put in the work and the time, I promise you I'm going to go overtime in that and if it's up to me I'm coming back for sure."


Finley will be a free agent next season, can fans expect him back in green and gold?


"If I'm Ted Thompson, sign on the dotted line.. I wish I could, but at the end of the day.. it's a business and I want to retire a Packer but at the end of the day, I gotta do what's best."


When asked by a viewer, "What advice would Finley give her  8-year-old son who wants to play football?" Finley said, "Play the game of football, it's fun."


 But when asked about letting his own sons play, he had a different tune...


"Not at all, you said an 8-year-old, someone else's kid. I didn't say mine. It would be different, but I'm not going to let my kids play just cause of the things I've been through in the game and what he has seen so, they can play tennis, golf and all of that, soccer."






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