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Mark Murphy reacts to Aaron Rodgers injury

The Packers front office is reacting to the Aaron Rodgers injury.
MANITOWOC, Wis. (WFRV) - The Packers front office is reacting to the Aaron Rodgers injury.

The main message - now is not the time to panic.

Local 5's Millaine Wells spoke with Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy.

He says this is not uncharted territory.

"The reality in the NFL is the injuries are part of the game. There is a 100% injury rate, every player throughout the season deals with it" Murphy says.

He pointed to the 2010 Super Bowl winning season as a prime example.

"I think we ended up the season with 15 players in injured reserve" he says.  

Rodgers himself missed a game that season with a concussion.

"You know really the teams that have the depth and quality of depth to overcome those injuries. I think having a positive attitude and next man up attitude really helps you get through these difficult time periods" says Murphy.

He reminds fans, the team is still poised for success.

"We are only halfway through the season and we are tied for first. I think Ted Thompson and his staff and Mike McCarthy and his staff you look at the track record, we have a very deep and talented team. We will make it through this difficult time".

Murphy hopes his can-do attitude rubs off on fans.

"I would say while we are all disappointed with a loss to the bears, it is a little too early to jump off the ship"

When asked if the team was reaching out to other quarterbacks, namely Matt Flynn, Murphy responded

"I think the focus now is getting Aaron Rodgers back as quick as we can and getting Seneca Wallace ready".


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