Elementary school gets new all inclusive playground 2/25/2011

Published 06/14 2011 07:00PM

Updated 08/01 2013 09:54AM

KAUKAUNA, Wis. (WFRV) -- Over the last few years, Kaukauna consolidated a few schools to make better use of buildings. A middle school became an elementary school but it lacked a good place for kids to play. At Kaukauna's Electa Quinney Elementary, the students and staff are passionate about playing, but the current equipment doesn't fit their needs. Because the playground is just a bit too tall, and the wood chips make it difficult for students in wheelchairs to cross the playground, parts are on the way to build a new playground for all students to use. The playground will have special ramps as well as braille games for kids who are visually impaired. The nearest playground that is outfitted with those capabilities is in Appleton. Teachers are hoping that if all students are able to play at the same level it will build their social skills, and confidence in themselves. The old playground will remain where it is, while the new playground will be built near by. The blacktop will be taken out and replaced with a soft surface that's safe for all kids.

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