Terrific Teacher: Reading at Home

Published 05/22 2012 10:10AM

Updated 05/22 2012 10:11AM

FREEDOM, Wis. (WFRV) - May's Terrific Teacher comes thanks to a viewer named Karla.

She wanted us to meet a kindergarten teacher at Freedom Elementary.

Jennifer Wilson is in her 12th year of teaching.


"I was born to be a teacher" Wilson explains. "I have never ever wanted to do anything else".


She loves how much students grow in one school year.


"Some of the kids come in at the beginning of kindergarten and they do not even know how to spell their name. At the end they can read books".


Wilson explains "My favorite part about teaching kindergarten is we get to teach them how to read. It's just such and important job and I feel so honored and special that I get to have that big life experience with them. [It is] one of the hardest thing they'll ever learn."


The learning does not end when the students leave the classroom. Mrs. Wilson sends home a reading bag each night to make sure parents are checking in.


"We can do everything that we can here but if they're not having a good example at home seeing moms and dads reading with them they don't completely understand that reading is not just for school but for fun too".


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