Millaine Wells

Published 07/29 2011 10:35AM

Updated 01/11 2017 02:26PM

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Millaine Wells


I fell in love with television at an early age. My parents own a local business and did their commercial production with Local 5. I remember coming along on numerous trips to watch the finished product come together.

I grew up in Appleton and went to college at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. At UWSP I earned a degree in Communications with a minor in Political Science.

Currently I live on a dairy farm in Kewaunee County. If I have to sign up for a job there, I'll always pick raking hay! You simply can't beat the view.

I started at Local 5 as an intern then was hired as a producer in 2005. The first few years I spent most of my time writing and planning Local 5 First News and launching Local 5 Sunday Morning. I transitioned into reporting to continue my passion of telling stories about people in my hometown.

I've lived in this area my whole life, so the stories that affect you, affect me and my family too. I try my hardest to remember that all our news stories are about real people in this community.

I also know that we need balance in our newscasts so I do my best to find the positive side of the news. While bad things are a part of life, there's no reason not give the good stuff just as much attention.

Outside of work chances are you'll find me at a festival or event going on in the area. I love to explore our state and get the chance to try new things out each week for Sunday Morning Road Trip. I count on viewers to keep my adventures going so send me  your favorite places to eat, shop, and play.

Your story ideas are the key to keeping our station local.

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