Hometown Hero: Justin Lane Update

By Terry Kovarik | terry.kovarik@wearegreenbay.com

Published 06/20 2014 01:41PM

Updated 06/21 2014 10:23AM

GREEN BAY (WFRV) Justin Lane has undergone intensive physical therapy. He lost both legs to an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan. Now he works out more for fun than therapy.

"Going to the gym every day now to try and stay fit and keep healthy," Lane said between reps.

Even though it's been nearly a year since Lane received a disability retirement from the military, his daily workouts are his way of fighting back at his attackers.

"If this situation gets to me and I let it get to me, then what we went overseas to fight for against the Taliban, they win. They've won against my personal war with them," Lane said

Music has also helped Justin Lane battle back. His self-taught musical talents went viral on "youTube". Now he plans to take his talents to the next stage.

"I'll be trying out for "American Idol" next season. So, I'm looking forward to doing that," Lane said. "I just thought it was going to be a hobby to get me through my therapy. Ever since, I've been having people call me left and right to come perform," Lane said.

If Justin Lane can make the cut on national T-V, he's hoping his daily work outs can strengthen him enough to add hip-hop dancing to his repertoire.

"Maybe bust out a routine on stage during my performances, where I can do the "robot" or something," Lane said, hopefully.

Lane took some time out to vacation in Hawaii. But while there, he met a local restaurant owner who's now raising money to help wounded warriors spend a week in the islands free of charge. So, Justin is helping those fundraising efforts because he knows the value of such getaways.

"It was a good thing to get away from the therapies, the daily life that a soldier wants to get away from awhile. But they really just don't know how to or where to go," he said.

Justin Lane's military career is over. But he continues to serve disabled warriors and civilians by showing through his example that they can overcome any setback.

"If I can get through this and keep pushing toward goals and let nothing stop me, then anybody else can do it, too," Lane said.

Local 5's Terry Kovarik has the story.

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