HealthWatch: Bladder Physical Therapy


Published 06/20 2014 02:02PM

Updated 06/25 2014 06:54PM

Green Bay (WFRV) If your child is having problems with bladder infections or always running to the bathroom it could be a medical condition called dysfunctional voiding.

Nine year old Laney Corsten had chronic bladder infections all of her young life and it interfered with baseball and basketball.

"When it would burn you would go up to swing and it would hurt," explained Laney Corsten, has dysfunctional voiding.

"We were taking her to the emergency room every couple of weeks because she was having bladder infections and UTI's and she was just in a lot of pain all the time," said Jason Corsten, Laney's father.

Laney had a condition called dysfunctional voiding. Medication and a strict bathroom schedule was only doing so much so her doctor sent her to therapy at Aurora BayCare Medical Center .

"What was happening was that she wasn't going often enough and then her muscles wouldn't relax and she would have urine that wouldn't come out of her bladder," explained Lindi Magnuson, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, Certified in Biofeedback.

So even though Laney thought she was emptying her bladder she wasn't.

"So Laney's urine when she started was the amount of a soda bottle and the bladder is not meant to hold that much to begin with and that's what she was leaving in," explained Magnuson.

A Biofeedback assessment showed Laney what her pelvic floor muscles were actually doing.

"Laney tried to relax her bottom, relax her muscles and they tightened up instead," explained Magnuson.

Through therapy, Laney learned to train her pelvic floor muscles to tighten and contract.

"When she could see how she was tightening her muscles up, I was able to teach her how to relax them. So when she sat on the toilette she could relax her muscles completely and empty her bladder completely," said Magnuson.

Within weeks the therapy did wonders, "So she went down a soda bottle full of urine down to two teaspoons," said Magnuson.

Now Laney is back at bat, "When I'm in the dugout I take a drink and I go out there and play with no bladder infections," said Laney.

"It was very much relief to hear that she can finally be as normal as she could be," said Corsten

Laney's muscles are now where they should be for an active girl her age.

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