HealthWatch: CoolSculpting Melting Away Fat

Published 12/15 2013 11:32AM

Updated 12/24 2013 10:14AM

Green Bay, Wisconsin (WFRV) I you feel like you're exercising a lot and just can't seem to tighten that problem area, like your stomach or those chicken wings under your arm, there is one procedure you may want to try out.

Liposuction gets rid of fat permanently but it's an invasive procedure that requires anesthesia and a recovery time.

Now there is a procedure called CoolSculpting that can get rid of the unwanted fat without penetrating the skin.

Penny Van Nuland felt the older shoe got, the harder it was to tone her body, especially her stomach area after having kids.

"The little tire right here. So I had this little inner tube right here that I could not get rid of. And no diet or exercise would make it go away," said Penny Van Nuland.

So Penny went to Dr. Mark Duffy, an Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon with Aurora BayCare Medical Center.

"Genetically men and women have areas of fat that they just can't get rid of no matter how fit they are," explained Dr. Mark Duffy, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon, Aurora BayCare Medical Center.

Dr. Duffy thought Penny would be a good candidate for cool sculpting.

"This is completely noninvasive, no penetration of the skin. No down time, minimal discomfort," explained Dr. Duffy.

The CoolSculpting applicator delivers vacuum pressure that suctions and cools the fat in the are you want it removed.

"If just draws the fat and skin into the area and then it cools it. It's simply a cooling head and it's kept at a freezing temperature for an hour," explained Dr. Duffy.

The fat cells die and are naturally eliminated from your body over the course of 3 to four months. The other cells are not harmed.

"It typically gets rid of 30 to 40 percent of the fat in a given area," said Dr. Duffy.

It's an outpatient procedure that's quick. "If you have an hour and a half to get here, to get the procedure done and go out at lunch time. Nobody would know you had it done right afterwards," said Dr. Duffy.

" I was right back in the game an hour later," Said Penny.


Penny's stomach is noticeably smaller. Four weeks after the procedure while on vacation with girlfriends " And they're like, Penny your stomach looks really great," Penny said happily. "I want to say that I'm more confident walking around on the docks in my bathing suit."

The side effects could include bruising, discomfort or soreness.

CoolSculpting is not a weight loss procedure. It is a cosmetic procedure that shapes and reduces fat in areas like the stomach, spare tire, inner thighs, under arms, bra and upper back fat. However, you can't have the procedure done on your chin.


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