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Published 05/04 2014 11:10PM

Updated 05/07 2014 06:49PM

Green Bay (WFRV)  Each year, more than half a million people go to emergency rooms for kidney stone problems. Having a kidney stone can be very painful. For those who have them it's likely they could get more.  Which is why Aurora BayCare Medical Center is working with patients to form a plan of prevention.


Roger Greenfield has chronic kidney stones.  He's gotten them several times a year for the last ten years.  "When you have the stones you really can't do much, they're so painful you can't concentrate, you're pretty much immobilized," said Roger Greenfield, Patient.


Roger turned to Urologist Dr. Vannhu Nguyen at Aurora BayCare Medical Center for help.  He liked the fact the hospital has a 24 hour treatment plan policy.


"I came in Friday afternoon in a lot of pain.  By Friday night I was having surgery and a plan," said Roger.


Kidney stones form in your kidney, "They are just little formations that your body produces that too much calcium or if you're dehydrated where there is too much product and clump together and eventually form a rock in your kidney," explained Dr. Vannhu Nguyen, Urologist, Aurora BayCare Medical Center.


Some small stones can pass. But if it's in the kidney and a reasonable size Dr. Nguyen  can blast it with shock waves.  "we use energy to focus on the stone and kind of shatter the stone into many small fragments."


If the stones are moving down your urinary tract.  Then your doctor sometimes has to remove them through surgery.


"It would be a camera up the urethra and sometimes up the little tube called the ureter which kidney stones can get stuck," said Dr. Nguyen.


Roger's had both procedures.  Since he will likely continue to keep forming stones, Dr. Ngueyn set up a plan of action and educated him on prevention. "And really we kind of focus on what foods he might be taking too much of, what could be contributing to the stones, what we could limit those things," said Dr. Nguyen.



Taking control of his health to hopefully ward off more painful attacks.


"I think that changing my diet, drinking more liquids, more water, less dark soda and things like that will help," said roger.



If you have problems with kidney stones Dr. Nguyen's best advice: drink more than 2 liters of water a day.  Eat less salt  And add citrate to your diet, which is found in lemons and lemonade.


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