HealthWatch: New Defibrillator

By , Chelly Boutott, Local 5 News

Published 12/22 2013 11:53PM

Updated 01/08 2014 05:41PM

Green Bay, Wisconsin (WFR) The American Heart Association says more than one million people suffer sudden cardiac arrest every year with the vast majority dying before reaching the hospital.

Research shows the quality of the CPR delivered has a direct impact on a victim's chance for survival.

Aurora BayCare Medical Center now has a new tool to help save lives when a heart attack strikes.

Winter time is here and along with the cold and snow comes the increase in the number of heart attacks.

"This time of year when the weather gets bad and people are out doing winter activities and exerting themselves, that's when we do see an increase," said Lisa Koehler, RN, Clinical Educator Emergency/Trauma.

And the emergency room at Aurora BayCare Medical Center is ready. Lisa Koehler, a clinical educator, says chest compression are the most important part of resuscitating a heart attack victim.

The science has shown and all the evidence has proven that chest compressions are the most important thing in a resuscitation," said Koehler.

And the hospital has a new type of defibrillator to help keep the rhythm going. it does everything the standard machine does.

"It will defibrillate a patient if their hear is in d fib or in a shockable rhythm," said Koehler.

But this one has a CPR dashboard, which is a feedback device.

"It makes sure we are doing chest compression's the right way," said Koehler.

Chest compression's need to be done fast, at least 100 per minute. And hard, pushing the chest two inches down.

"During a code it's a stressful situation and doing chest compression's the right way are very tiring," explained Koehler.


That's where this monitor can help.

"If I'm doing chest compressions and I'm not at least doing 100 per minute this will come on and say push faster. If I'm not going deep enough it will tell me to push harder," explained Koehler.

The pads also shocks differently.

"Instead of sending the shock across the heart of the patient, it sends the shock directly through the heart so the electricity the heart is given is more efficient," said Koehler.


Aurora BayCare is the only hospital in area to have the device now. Koehler believes it will save lives.


All medical personnel at the hospital have been trained on the new defibrillators. The machines will be going hospital wide January 2nd.

To learn more you can call Aurora BayCare at (920) 288-8000 or email <

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