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Published 01/26 2014 10:04AM

Updated 01/29 2014 05:43PM

Green Bay, Wisconsin (WFRV) Fatigue, high blood pressure, obesity, moodiness, low libido and erectile dysfunction are some of the symptoms of low testosterone.

If this is sounds like you, you may want to try Revitalize: anti-aging medicine at Aurora BayCare Medical Center.

Dr. Mark Brodhagen lived life to the fullest for his first 60 years, and it took a toll on his health

"I had years of fluctuating weight. I had fatigue issues," explained Mark Brodhagen.

Ten years ago he decided to make some changes, "Colon cancer and a few other things that had hit my life and I wanted to be healthy," said Brodhagen.

But no matter how hard he worked, his fatigue and weight problems persisted.

"I workout sometimes four times a week, an hour and a half a day. Anything I tried did not seem to help," said Brodhagen.


So Brodhagen went to Dr. Thomas Wilkins, a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician with Aurora BayCare Medical Center.

"What we do at Revitalize Clinic is we deal with the whole spectrum of health and wellness. We deal with metabolism replacement for both men and women alike," explained Dr. Thomas Wilkins, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician, Aurora BayCare Medical Center.


Mark had low testosterone.

"It's a natural process over the course of time that the human body will change it's metabolism and its hormone production," explained Dr. Wilkins, "The hormones are the fuel for the body, fuel for the body metabolism that keeps the body functioning at its optimal rate,".

And as your hormones decrease, "There are significant changes that take place in the body such as osteoporosis, cardiac disease, increased cholesterol, type II diabetes, weight gain and obesity," said Dr. Wilkins.

A personalized treatment plan is developed for each patient that could included hormone replacement therapy.

"By replacing the hormones and giving them the metabolic drive within the body they can now gain all the benefits from doing all the right things that they had been trying to do," said Dr. Wilkins.

Mark has been on the program for a year and a half and it has worked for him.

"I have gone from almost 300 pounds down to 230. my overall health has dramatically improved I take less medication than I used to for blood pressure and things like that," said Brodhagen, "I have never felt this healthy in my life."

Mark isn't alone, testosterone production drops 1 1/2 to 3 percent every year of life after the age of 35.

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