HealthWatch: Spine Conference

Published 12/15 2013 11:27AM

Updated 12/18 2013 05:30PM

Green Bay, Wisconsin (WFRV) If you suffer from back pain you know how it can affect your daily life and there are different types of ways to treat it.

Aurora BayCare Medical Center is trying to improve the care for patients with back pain in our area.

There are many different types of healthcare professionals we can seek out to alleviate back pain including physicians, chiropractors and physical therapists to name a few.

Which is why Aurora BayCare Medical Center hosts an annual Spine Conference, so these different disciplines can collaborate together to ease the pain for patients.

Back pain is the number two reason why people go to the doctor.

"We are a stationary society. We aren't as active as we used to be and we sit at computers for prolonged periods of time and we don't exercise like we should," said Rod Lefler, Neuroscience Group, President of the WI Chiropractic Association.

To better treat their back pain patients these medical professionals are attending the Annual Spine Conference at Aurora BayCare Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Center.

"This is a collaboration of multiple professions getting education. So it's great to have a mixture of multiple disciplines all sharing ideas and information for patient care," said Lefler.

Dr. Ahmet Dervish is a featured speaker and a pain specialist with Aurora BayCare.

"It gives us a the opportunity to interact with other providers that deal with back pain patients such as physical therapists and chiropractors," explained Dr. Ahmet Dervish, Aurora Bayare, Pain Specialist.

Many times a patient can choose to go to a physician, chiropractor, therapist or a combination.

So knowing how the other health professionals treat patients is key.

"Each of us have their own niche or own specific area, own specific way of looking at certain pain. Pain patients I think it allows us to share information and try to understand each other better and provide better care to our patients," explained Dr. Dervish.

And can help keep costs down.

"What is the most cost effective way of doing imaging on this patient and getting the best out of it without overdoing it and spending money unnecessarily," said Dr. Dervish.

Each year the spine conference offers a new topic related to the spine. This year's focused on low back pain.

To learn more you can call Aurora BayCare at (920) 288-8000 or email <

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