Terrific Teacher: Cooking Classes for Kids

Published 09/15 2011 04:00PM

Updated 10/04 2011 03:30PM

DE PERE, Wis. (WFRV) - A mom in De Pere is teaching kids how to cook and enjoy different foods, even vegetables.


Her business is called Budding Chefs.


"It teaches them independence. It shows them that it's important to make a family meal" says Deb Johnson, a mom of two.


"It helps them in math, reading. I always ask which kids can read and I have them read the recipe to help their reading skills" Johnson explains.


Students can be as young as three years old. They take turns measuring, mixing and trying new things.


Johnson says picky eaters can really benefit from the class. "I've always got kids that say I don't like green pepper, I don't like onion. But they eat it and they like it".


 Budding Chefs learn how to set the table and load the dishwasher.


Johnson's philosophy "It's not just mom or dads job to feed the rest of the family or to clean up for the rest of the family it's everybody's job".


The kids are proud of their accomplishments and want to take the finished product home.


Deb incorporates a book with each cooking lesson to keep kids busy while a recipe bakes.


She says this is an important life skill. "Kids who are in a family that has family meal time are less likely to get into trouble. Less likely to use drugs and alcohol. Grades are higher they do better in school".


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