Best Christmas Ever 2017

100 families across the nation will get a life changing gift this holiday season.

Justin Spettel is here with details on how you can make it the Best Christmas Ever for one deserving local family.

We need your help now.

You have until Wednesday the 15th to let "Best Christmas Ever" know about someone in our community that could use some holiday cheer.

Head to and click on “Nominate A Family.”

Best Christmas Ever (BCE) is a group of friends and local businesses that came together in 2011 to help just 1 family in a major way by giving them the Best Christmas Ever!

A typical "Best Christmas Ever" is a surprise delivery of car loads of gifts that are collected and raised specifically for a family based on their specific needs and desires, making it literally the Best Christmas Ever! Families have no idea that they are receiving this gift until it arrives! Our hope is that every family would receive a minimum of $5,000 value in gifts, but many BCE captains have gone above and beyond, fundraising to help families with medical bills and family trips!

BCE's desire is not only to bless families through radical generosity around Christmas time, but to also make a lasting impact on each family. With this goal in mind, BCE gives families the opportunity to complete an in-person, Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University (FPU) course to learn the tools for debt freedom and lasting financial stability.

Since their first family in 2011, BCE has doubled the number of families they bless each year!

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