Affordable Care Act: Pre-existing conditions

Published 10/02 2013 05:43PM

Updated 10/02 2013 06:36PM

MENASHA, Wis. (WFRV)--As part of the Affordable Care Act, individuals with pre-existing conditions can no longer be denied insurance.

Local 5 spoke to one woman from Menasha who was at risk of losing her insurance for that reason.

“It can hit anywhere at any time and you don’t know what the symptoms you’ve going to get,” said Sarah Conklin.

Conklin was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis six years ago and was at risk of losing her insurance due to a life time cap.

“I was getting in within a couple hundred thousand dollars of hitting my life cap,” she said.

MS disrupts nerve signals in the body and can cause a variety of symptoms.

“There's different medications to help you in different situations.”

Sarah spends an average of $300 a month on medication alone plus an additional $5000 for shots. 

If she had lost her insurance it would have been a great financial burden.

“It would have drained all savings and retirement,” she said.

But with the changes under the Affordable Care Act her insurance company can no longer deny her coverage.

I'm 58 years old.  Who at 58 years old does not have something that would be considered a pre-existing condition? It's just not right to label people that way.”

She tells Local 5 she’s pleased with the changes and no long worries about being dropped.

“Everyone in the country should be able to afford health care.  It’s a right we should all have,” she said.

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