Bill that would restrict early voting passes State Assembly


Published 03/20 2014 11:27PM

Updated 03/20 2014 11:39PM

MADISON, Wis. (WFRV) - Lawmakers are working to finish a number of bills as the current legislative session comes to a close.

One of the most divisive bills, which would restrict early voting, passed the State Assembly late Thursday night.

The bill would limit in person absentee voting to 45 hours a week during the two weeks leading up to an election. It would also scrap weekend voting.

Republicans say this bill will Level the playing field for voters in rural areas by allowing the same time to vote as residents in urban areas.

"Wherever you live you should not have an advantage of having longer hours to vote than somebody who lives in another location,” Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt, (R) - Fond du Lac says. “We try to make things about voting equal across the board and this is certainly one of those things we can do."

Democrats argue this bill shuts out voters and will create longer lines for voters on populated communities.

"We don't want people waiting hours in line to vote and when you have high turnout elections, Rep. Gordon Hintz, (D)-Oshkosh says. “Being flexible and giving people the best time to vote and let them work through in their own time is the best way to do it."

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