Conservative lawmakers, groups oppose same sex marriage ruling

Published 06/09 2014 11:44PM

Updated 06/09 2014 11:48PM

(WFRV) - Even as polls continue to show growing support for same sex marriage among voters in Wisconsin, conservative groups and politicians are speaking out against the ruling.

“They keep saying all these polls show the tide is shifting," Julaine Appling, President of Wisconsin Family Action says. "If that’s true, then why do you fear taking it to the people, and opening it up for debate and a vote.”

Appling is one of many who have noted that Wisconsin's ban on gay marriage is in place because voters successfully passed the measure twice on its way to becoming a state amendment, and say the decision should be left in the hands of voters.

"With the stroke of a pen, this federal judge who obviously has an agenda, defrauded over 1.6 million Wisconsin voters, who in November of 2006 took the time to go to the polls to say yes, we want to protect marriage."

Appling says if people want to undo Wisconsin's amendment banning same sex marriage, they should use the same process that was used to put the amendment in place. 

Some state and national lawmakers from Wisconsin are also against the ruling.

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, (R) WI, released a statement saying: "My personal belief, consistent with centuries of human history, is that marriage is between one man and one woman. That said, the legal definition and enforcement of marital laws has been — and should be — a matter for state legislatures and courts. The issue of gay marriage needs to reflect the collective wisdom and convictions of the voters of Wisconsin through a democratic process."

State Senator Glenn Grothman, (R) Campbellsport, has also says he is against the ruling against Wisconsin's same sex marriage band, releasing a statement saying: "I’m extremely disappointed by this ruling, although I’m not surprised. As we’ve seen again and again, liberal judges are using their courtrooms to advance their extreme left-wing agenda because the people reject their philosophy any time the issue is put to a vote. “I continue to firmly believe in restoring the traditional family as the center of our society, including a loving mother and father. The ‘progressive’ agenda is slowly eroding the family in order to place government at the center of our lives, and this is seen in attacks on traditional marriage via the courts and by the excessive welfare system that punishes couples who get married."

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