Court documents suggest Gov. Walker involved in illegal fundraising activity

By Kris Schuller |

Published 06/19 2014 08:09PM

Updated 06/19 2014 10:52PM

WISCONSIN (CBS/WFRV) It has been known for months that the John Doe investigation, focused on allegations of illegal coordination between Wisconsin Club for Growth, Gov. Scott Walker's campaign and other conservative groups during the recall elections.  However, until today (Thursday) it was not clear what role prosecutors thought Walker played.

Prosecutors claim Gov. Walker was at the center of a "criminal scheme" to illegally coordinate fundraising between his campaign and outside conservative groups during the recall election.

The allegations, detailed in documents released Thursday are part of an ongoing lawsuit by conservative groups, challenging the secret John Doe investigation.

One of those documents was an email that prosecutors say, shows Gov. Walker emailing GOP strategist Karl Rove about alleged coordination of campaign fundraising.

At a press event in Milwaukee, the governor said he hopes people look at the facts. Pointing to previous findings by a state and a federal judge, both of whom did not think a case against Walker - could be made.

"In the end people who are in the judicial  process, again, objective and removed , separate branches from me of the legislature - made it clear at the state level and the federal level - they did not believe there was a case to be made," Walker told reporters. "In fact at the federal level they even told them to stop."

The Wisconsin Democratic Party released this statement saying, "We think the allegations by prosecutors that Scott Walker is at the center of an expansive criminal scheme speak for themselves."

Prosecutors defend the investigation saying it is a legitimate probe into whether the state's campaign finance laws were violated.

You can view the documents released by clicking on the link above. 

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