Dangers of texting and driving on display

Published 04/18 2012 06:00PM

Updated 07/13 2012 03:57PM

(WFRV) -- Despite all of the efforts to prevent the dangerous trend of texting while driving, it appears teens aren't getting the message.

A new survey from State Farm Insurance shows just 43% of teen drivers say they've never texted while driving.  The same percentage from two years ago.

Yet 76% of teens agree that if you regularly text and drive, someday you will be killed while driving.  93% agree that if you regularly text and drive, someday you will get into an accident.

Students who text and drive got to see some of the potential results of their actions at Fox Valley Technical College.

The national "Distracted Driving Program" set up simulators, which gives the experience of texting and driving.  They also had a simulator set up for drinking and driving.

One 18 year old student we spoke with says he regularly texts while driving, and that after going through the simulator, he would think twice before texting while driving again.

"It was a close experience, because most of the time when that happens I get distracted," Gerardo Leon said.

The group says thousands of people are injured or killed by distracted drivers every year.

They take their multi-media message to high schools and colleges all across the nation.

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