Farmer to Farmer network helps Wisconsin farmers in need

Published 08/01 2012 08:29PM

Updated 08/01 2012 08:33PM

Clintonville, Wis.(WFRV)-- Our summer rain so far has not been enough for all of our local farmers. But there's a special program providing some relief.

 The state of Wisconsin is hoping to fight the drought through a social media website called the Farmer-to-Farmer network. It's a site where one farmer will post his need for crops and another farmer will try and fill it.

 Dave Heideman owns a farm in Clintonville. This season, he grew 185 acres of corn and still has 100 left to sell. Says Heideman, "I've been very fortunate here that we've got some rain showers, but we still need more."

 Not all farmers in the state are as fortunate. The drought situation has left many without the feed they need.

Secretary of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection for Wisconsin, Ben Brancel says, "Livestock producers are seriously short of forages in this state this year."

 The forage is used to feed the animals.Getting a supply from other states is difficult because of the lack of rain around the country. Because of this the University of Wisconsin Extension created a Farmer-to-Farmer network.

 Says Brancel, "It's a way for people to come forward with acres and for other farmers to put their wants on there."

The website helps match farmers who need feed for their livestock with farmers who have it or can grow it. Agriculture is a nearly 60-billion-dollar industry in Wisconsin. So it's vital that this network works. 

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