Waukesha stabbing victim improves as family speaks about incident

By Kris Schuller | kris.schuller@wearegreenbay.com

Published 06/05 2014 03:38PM

Updated 06/05 2014 10:46PM

WAUKESHA, Wis., (WFRV)  Five days after a 12-year-old Waukesha girl was brutally attacked by two classmates there are signs of improvement.

The brutality of this crime is hard to comprehend. And days after the two 12-year-olds facing adult charges of attempted murder appeared in court, many in the state, including Gov. Scott Walker cannot understand why.

"As a society, what is happening that people would even be in the position to do something as horrific as that," said Gov. Walker when asked for his thoughts on the crime.

Police say the two attacked their friend at a Waukesha park Saturday, inspired by a website known for horror stories. Nevertheless, as the days have gone by, the condition of the victim has thankfully improved.

Her family releasing a statement saying "Our little girl is a fighter. She has been able to walk the halls of the hospital with her dad. No machines, no tubes, just she and her dad. We thank you for keeping our family in your prayers during this difficult time."

Friends of the victim have now established a fundraising website - Hearts for Healing - to help the family through this incident, which has shocked so many for its senseless violence.

"It's horrific to have any family worry about something like that," said Walker. "Let hope it's something unique to this particular situation."

The two suspects told police they were paying tribute to online fictional character Slenderman - when they stabbed the girl 19 times.

They are in juvenile detention in Washington County and scheduled to be in court again next week.

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WAUKESHA, Wis. (WFRV) - The family of a 12-year-old girl who was stabbed 19 times by two other 12-year-old girls is speaking out. 

A cyclist found the girl lying near the woods on Saturday. The two suspects are being charged as adults.

Police say they planned the attack to impress a fictional online character known as "Slenderman."

In a statement released by the victim's family, they write "As parents of this little girl, we are overwhelmed with the amount of love and support we've received from our family, friends and community. Our little girl is a fighter and is improving each and every day."

A fundraiser has been set up for the victim. If you would like donate, you can do so right here.

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